I create my artwork as “starting point”: the moment when something becomes artwork, the border between art and non-art, the most simple form of will. I make minimal and basic artworks, and I capture the moment starting from zero. So I often say that my artwork is “0.0001 art”.

However, when we make and exhibit artworks, “affectations” are mixed in the artworks.Consciously or unconsciously, we decorate and arrange artworks, and try to make a “fine” art. This is “affectations” that artworks as just “starting point” are spoiled by.

Although I often use randomness, uncontrollable materials, and leave the arrangement to someone for erasing ”affectations”, I have a dilemma that these behaviors are “affectations” too.

Thus my artworks go toward the “starting point”, reiterate to erase “affectations”, are affected by everything around me, and appear in strange form.